Chicago Cubs manager Joe Madden has never been accused of being conventional. One of his many innovations is the always entertaining themed road trip.

He used to do this back in the Tampa days, but the Cubbies get a bit more light shined on them nationally.

For their current West Coast swing, Madden and the gang decided to go with a 70's theme, specifically inspired by the cult classic Anchorman.

It's much more fun to actually dress up as characters from the film, and the players rose to this occasion.

Check a few of them out at The Daily Player.

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aluminum magnesium retro polarized mirrored sunglasses

At the low, low price of $36.08 they're definitely not budget breakers, even if you only wore them in costume on special occasions.

But, hell, isn't your whole life a special occasion? Of course it is!

So do your bit to celebrate it on sunny days or in LA nightclubs with these classy shades!

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