Rechargeable Hydrogen-Rich Alkaline lonizer Water Bottle

Brand Name: AugienB
Model Number: AHW344

Material: Borosilicate Glass + 304 Stainless Steel
Water Treatment: Purifier
Type: Ionizer

Function: Direct Drink
Water Quality Requirements: Municipal Water
Hydrogen Concentration Range: 0-1150ppb
Electrolysis Temperature: 1°C-40°C

Capacity: 380ml
Size: 70mm x 240mm / 2.75in x 9.45in

Power Supply: DC 5v 1a
Charging Time: 2.5-3.0hrs
Rated Voltage: 5v
Power: 5w

Certification: CE, CB

Feature: With a USB cable, it can be charged by computer or mobile phone USB charger.


  1. Pour water into the bottle with the water temperature below 40°C/104°F.
  2. Press the button.
  3. Electrolysis takes 3mins.

Note: Current research into the health benefits of hydrogen water is limited and further research to confirm these findings is required.

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