Solar Heat Oven for Twice As Efficient Next-Level Outdoor Cooking

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Brand: Solar Tube Cooker
Model: STC1

Metal: 304 Stainless Steel


  • Baking tube: Outer diameter is 70mm; Inner diameter is 53mm
  • Baking tube capacity: 3.3lb / 1.5kg
  • Reflector size: 50cm x 35cm / 19.7in x 13.78in
  • Suitcase size: 68cm x 30cm x 13cm / 27in x 12in x 5in

Certification: 3C


  • Advanced technology: Heating in a vacuum tube means no heat loss and half the time to cook food. Solar grill technology is very mature.

  • Comprehensive functions: The tube can do everything that a charcoal grill can't. For example, it cooks rice, bread, roast potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggs, stew and so on. Regular BBQ fare is a snap, so naturally zap meat skewers, chicken wings, vegetables, grilled fish, etc.

  • Bigger capacity: 360-degree heating in the vacuum tube means three-dimensional grilling. The unfolded capacity is 3.3lb and can hold 1.5liters of real objects, which is equivalent to a 70cm-long charcoal grill; it accommodates 2-3 diners.

  • Faster speed: Traditional charcoal grilling takes at least 30mins to cook food from charcoal induction; the solar grill can bake it in about 15-20mins.

  • Health and Environmental Protection: Zero fuel input, and sunlight is obviously a clean energy, environmentally friendly, and healthy. It's pure energy that doesn't pollute.

  • Ultra-light and portable: Equipped with a portable aluminum alloy suitcase, carrying a weight of only 4.7kg/10.4lb, which is convenient to carry, without the need to carry lotsa barbecue tools.

Category: BBQ, Grills

Type: BBQ

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